Rainy Lake Coffee


It’s a cool Saturday morning at your favorite Minnesota lake.

As the fog lifts to the sound of loons, you relax on your dock and greet the morning sun with a satisfying cup of coffee.

That’s the feeling our roast masters have created in the taste of Rainy Lake Coffee.

The distinct aroma and perfect smoothness will awaken your imagination.

See you at the lake.

Exclusively from Al’s Coffee Company and Zooom Beverage

Rainy Lake Coffee Selections

A mellow, sweet aroma and a rich, smooth flavor.

Shade grown and sun dried, this coffee is medium bodied with mellow flavor.

Cottage Blend
A medium roast coffee distinguished by its autumn color and snappy flavor.

Peace Blend
A smooth, full bodied medium roast of Sumatra and Central American coffee. Organic and fair trade.

Country Blend
A medium roast coffee notable for its perfect balance of smooth acidity and rich sweetness.

Breakfast Blend
A combination of South American, African and Indonesian.

Signature Blend
A blend of coffees that provide a deep, velvety smooth body and rich taste. Medium to dark roasts.

Crossroads Blend
A dark roast coffee which proudly displays its complex flavors and hearty richness.

Comfort Blend
A dark roast coffee with sweetness and balance only found in darker roasts.

French Roast
Distinct aroma that is sharp and biting on the palate and leads to an intense after taste.

Calm Blend Decaf
A decaffeinated coffee with sweetness and balance only found in darker roasts.

Premium Decaf
A medium roast blend of Colombian, Mexican and Brazils coffee with a broad range of flavors in a light clean body, without the caffeine.

Colombian Decaf
A smooth, mellow tasting medium roast coffee, without the caffeine.